Guardian of the Galaxy volume 2 Full Movie (2017) Watch online

Guardian of the Galaxy volume 2 Full Movie (2017) Watch online

Guardian of the Galaxy volume 2-journey of a group to find the balance in their own life

The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is not as amazing as the first installment of the same and the movie suffers from the pace, however, at the same time this movie can prove to be a great fun time with your friends of family members.

In this movie, the reputation of the Guardian’s of the Galaxy has now spread across the galaxy. The Guardians are basically the heroes who are hired by someone for a mission who is hilariously conceited Sovereign. Later on, the things are quickly getting away from the hands of Guardians when rocket steals some of the items that Guardians were supposed to be protected. The main thrust of this movie is the action packed adventure of Sovereign and team of Ravagers with genetically advanced race.

Guardian of the Galaxy volume 2 Plot

The Guardians are trying hard stay ahead of the Sovereign with action packed adventure, but here the real action lies in the heart of Peter Quill meeting’s with his father at the end. Family love is the big theme for this movie & it serves as the unifying plot for the movie. The second instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy is about bringing the team together & then testing that bond.

Volume 2 revolves around the journey of a group splitting up for their own personal missions. In this movie, Gamora & Drax joins the hand with Peter while at the same time Peter goes off with the Mantis & Ego. Also, the rocket & Groot paired with the Nebula & Yondu.

Guardian of the Galaxy volume 2 Story

The chemistry between the pairs is a mission in this movie, and we have already learned a lot about the Nebula’s hatred for Gamora & what actually went wrong during their childhood. The movie showcases the big focal point into Drax’s relationship in volume 2 with his deceased family. Apart from that, the movie tells much more about the origin of Yondu & from where he came. The individual story of each & every character dominates the movie more than anything. With each character’s own story, the movie supports the new cast of supporting actors for characters.

Taserface with his ravagers forms another group of new ravagers including Ego & Mantis. As the movie gets very deeper, the main theme or we can say main thread of the movie starts losing track with all their moving parts. At the same time, it is very painful not to showcase the main leads in that act for big chunks. Here the decision to make the lead characters out of the big chunks was taken may be for putting the element of surprises, but this thing also causes the trouble in finding the perfect between each character’s storyline to which people already liked in the first volume.

Guardian of the Galaxy volume 2 Imax

The best thing about the volume 2 is the love that people already have for guardians will still remain the same. You can find the peter’s relationship with his dad for which he is longing for. Finding the emotional growth between Nebula & Gamora and tickling part that a joke doesn’t go over Drax’s head is the really amazing to watch.


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